Coaching Lab

Got an idea for a new venture? Need help scaling your startup operations? Want to get to the next level? Don’t know where to start? Get one-to-one or group coaching from startup experts.

Business coaching that takes you and the company to target.

Our expertise is in entrepreneurship and lean business development, a process that aims to test and develop business concepts together with our clients as early as possible to ensure that a well-founded business decision is made.

We will help you explore and exploit your opportunities to create in-demand products and services as marketing opportunities.

Our coaching philosophy is learning-by-doing, exploring reality, coming up with ideas and suggestions, testing and learning along the way.

We tailor the assignments based on your experiences, market and customers. You will learn to use simple methods and tools that deepen your customer and user understanding so that you create an attractive and selling offer.

After an assignment, you have access to customized work documents and a digital work platform so that you and your team can independently work on your business development project. | Stockholm | +467 7252 6678 |