My work is all about Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Innovation and Mindset Change.

As a Design Sprint Master and Team Coach, I help companies with their innovation quests with the customer in mind. Putting people at a central place enables many businesses to come up with innovative ideas and improvement to current products and services.

As a workshop specialist, I design workshops to solve problems and make decisions. Workshops can be tailored around strategies, innovation, brainstorming, etc. I am the expert on the process and you are the expert on the topic.

I am happy to spark, facilitate, coach and use my creativity in this process.

I am based in Stockholm, working globally.




I mastermind:

  • design sprint workshops
  • team coaching
  • coaching of corporate individuals
  • design & innovation management facilitation


a better world

Change can be hard and uncomfortable. When it is done with intention, it can be a beautiful force.

Through my work, I create a positive impact through design and processes by creating tools, actions, and inspiration for navigating a changing world. In today’s fast-changing world, helping leaders and companies evolve and grow through human-centred design thinking.  I help to invigorate companies’ culture from within by becoming a purpose-driven organisation that is willing to embrace change for the benefit of its people and the business. By focusing on behaviour and culture to generate powerful and effective solutions, I believe in fostering teams that ask questions, experiment, refine and collaborate.


studio@lieungh.com | Stockholm | +467 7252 6678

Keywords: Design thinking, Scrum, Agile, Intrapreneurship, Entrepreneurship, Lean startup, Google Design Sprints, Customer Journey, Customer Discovery, Experience Design, Strategy, Workshops, Facilitator, innovation.