A design and creative business lab studio, that focuses on developing products, concepts, services, methods and systems. The scope of work is:


– concept development

– product development

– product design

– prototyping

– packaging design

– commercialization (marketing and business development)


MasterMinding: design sprint workshops – innovation management processes – business model stories – narrative & brand vision.





Co-ventures with clients

  • design work
  • project management
  • coaching & facilitation



a better world


With our personal interest in design, innovation and entrepreneurship as engaging with the outside world, we are using our talents and commitments to contribute to a better world by taking part in and organise:
  • ŸŸŸŸThink Tank for progressive community development.
  • Design for humanity, solving social wicked problems.
  • Social responsibility projects.


studio@lieungh.com | +467 7252 6678